Apply Redlights to the tips of the hair.

Lay the rest of the hair down. Make sure

  that you can see the tape from the first

  section so that you can place the color

  at the same point on the ends. If the

  hair is too dense to see through, create

  two subsections so that you can place

  the color precisely.



Process at room temperature for

  30 minutes.

Rinse well with warm water. Shampoo

  lightly. Dry and style as usual. 




To see the front, sides and back of the hair, point and click to zoom, pause, reverse, and spin. Click on her back to see more detail.

Try Red Dips in 3-D

Bright red tips enhance the swing of long hair.


Start with clean, straight hair. If hair has some movement, use a flat iron to straighten prior to this service.


Create a section across the nape of the neck 2 to 3 inches deep, depending on the density of the hair.


Lay a piece of plastic wrap under the hair.


Use a soft hairdressing tape to secure the hair, leaving out the tips of the hair that you wish to color. 

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